Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pomp, Circumstance and a Fiesta

The big day finally came! Luke worked really hard for 2 long years and graduation day finally came! I really could not be prouder of him. He had been telling me for a very long time he wanted to go back to school. When the opportune time came he took it. He studied for months for the GMAT, then it was about which school he would go to. When he got into RICE we were so excited.

I really admire him for making the hard choice to go back to school for his MBA and also for the way he did it. He didn't just go with the plan to slide by and come out with a degree. He worked really hard and gave it 110%. We often had to turn down invitations from much loved friends, we put off vacations, weekend trips to the ranch and sometimes just an evening out. It paid off. His grades were excellent, often coming home with all A's (the proof is hanging on our fridge)! It was all so worth it when he comes home from work at the end of the day and tells me how he is applying the things he learned.

I so appreciated that he included me in the decision to go back to school. I noticed at Rice's spouse day that some were not given the same consideration. This was a sacrifice at the very beginning of our marriage. Even when it was tough and a little annoying that he was often not around I would think back to our conversations about this being an investment in our future and for our family.

This was a demanding program. They ask a lot from their students. Just when the student gets mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore... the student buckles down and gets the project done and makes an A! I feel so blessed that Luke got to have such a great education. So, when graduation day came I made sure we celebrated it, shine and rain and shine!!!!
Luke getting his hood at the Investiture Ceremony on Friday afternoon.
Luke after the Investiture with his sister Jennifer and nieces Kaylie and Noe.

My parents with Luke and I.

The weather was really bad on graduation day, so no pictures outside but I did get him graduating on video!

The Fiesta!
Sunday afternoon we finally got to celebrate. We threw Luke a fiesta at my parents house. Fajitas, margaritas, tees, flip flops and a little Texas country music was what sounded good to us after 2 long years of hard work. Luke and I both were so touched that our friends and family came out to celebrate with us.
The only thing I am kicking myself over is the fact that I forgot to pull out the camera until the end of party!
The tables and patio were decorated so cute! I must get better about taking pictures before little Kung Pao arrives!
I did get a few pics of our friends though.

Luke with BJ and Diana, two other MBA superstars!
They were in Luke's group the first and last semester. I can't say enough good things about them! Anyone who has been through an MBA program knows that your group can make your life easier or harder. This group was a well oiled machine!

Lori, Michael, Joanna and Wayne.
Andy, Kevin and Nathan. Luke's good friends from collage.

Jenny and Ben. Ben started the MBA program at Rice this last year.

In the end, this was such a blessing. I am glad he had this opportunity...and I am glad it's done!

Monday, May 3, 2010

IT'S A ...


We could not be more excited to FINALLY know what our baby is! This is a video of our active little guy!

I went into the ultra sound room first and got to see him while he was performing. When they brought Luke in for the big reveal, little one had fallen asleep.

We are completely amazed and can't wait to meet him!