Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holidays With The Patterson's

 It has been a busy holiday season, to say the least. We have been going strong since Thanksgiving which is why it's January 5 and I am just now posting our holiday pics.
Every time I go to post on our blog I realize how terrible I am about taking pictures and think that next time I will do better. So it is my NY's resolution to take more pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Luke II and his Gran

Uncle Brent. We sure did miss Aunt Katie for Thanksgiving!

 I love that Luke II and his grandad matched in their baby blue knits!

Our annual post-Thanksgiving trip to the ranch with my parents

I think Luke II has a buddy.

Merry Christmas!

I have been really careful not to take Luke II out into too many public places while he was under 3 months but I just had to have his first picture with Santa. Santa opened at 10 and we got their about 9:20 so we could be the first in line. No such luck, we were 4th. I guess it could have been worse. I just didn't want to be there in the afternoon or evening when 500 kids had turned Santa's coat into a small pox blanket. It was totally worth it! He was the best Santa and I am glad I got the pictures. Luke II slept all the way through it!

We partied hard during the holidays...

Luke and I on our way to a Christmas party and Luke II staying at Buela and Grandad's house. (Disclaimer: Buela and Grandad have yet to be formally named)

 My cousin Kelly babysitting Luke II for the first time!

I love how life comes full circle. I loved babysitting Kelly when she was a baby. Here is a picture of her and I in 199-something (96 maybe).

 Uncle Al with the magic touch!

Now Aunt Cindy with the magic touch!

 Haley White's sip and see. About 6 weeks after Luke II was born, his new buddy Harrison arrived on the scene! Harrison is the grandson of my parent's BFF's. With 2 hunting grandads and 2 hunting dads I think these boys are destined to be good friends! We are looking forward to spending more time with the White's!
This was a fun group of girls. Hope we can do it again!

Lunch with Luke II's buddy Harrison. Harrison got Luke II the cutest camo hunting hat for Christmas! They match! I love it!

Our first annual girls Christmas lunch. We ate at Mariposa (my fave!). (And yes Katie, I stole these pics from your blog!)

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve at our house is the candle light service at church and then dinner at my aunt and uncle's house. While we no longer do presents for the adults everyone made sure that Luke II had a special day.

Our tree at 1AM after Santa visited us!

CHRISTMAS morning!!!
On Christmas morning we woke  up and did Santa at our house and then headed over to my parents for brunch and more Christmas!


Good Morning!

What is going on under the tree??

Toys from Gran and Big Grandad.

Daddy got a tree stand!

Buela and Grandad (see disclaimer above) got Luke II a jumper.

He loves it!

Luke II's first Christmas!

New Years!!

Just kidding. We were so tired by the time New Year's came around that we just had dinner at the Mangine's and rented a couple of movies and fell asleep during the opening credits.

We had a wonderful special Christmas. Thanks to all of our family who helped make it so special.