Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Little Boys Are Made Of

I was out one day a few months ago looking at baby clothes, just for fun. I had not purchased one thing for him yet when I came across this sweet little book. I immeadiately fell in love with it and bought it. It was everything a parent could want for their little boy. I couldn't have said it better myself! The book then became the theme that I wanted to decorate the nursery around.
On an outing one day I showed it to my close friend Claudine, who has 2 little boys of her own, and she fell in love too. Knowing my plan to make this book the center piece of the room, she sweetly made me an art piece out of the book that was the gift from all of the hostesses that gave my baby shower.
It was such a touching gift. It is our favorite piece in the room.

If you are having a boy, don't be surprised if you get this book from me as part of your baby gift!

The Finished Nursery

It took some work but baby Luke's room is all ready. Right now it's our favorite room in the house. It's calming and quiet and has the best chair in the whole house!

These are the letters we ordered to go on the shelf in the photo above.  

This is what the "going to the hospital" pile currently looks like.

I know I will continue to add little accents as I find things I love but for now this is it!

While We Wait...

We pretty much have everything ready. Now we are just waiting on our little guy. I had intended to stop working at the beginning of August, which then became the beginning of September, which has now become
"how many more jobs can I squeeze in before he is born?". I have to say, if I had had 2 months to sit around with nothing to do but wait I might have gone crazy. August, September and October are some of my busiest months of the year so when clients call I have little will power to say no because I love my job (most of the time). I took a few behind the scenes pics with my cell at a couple of the shoots I have been working on. Just thought I would post them for fun.

A fall accessories shoot:
Givenchy and Philip Treacy and YSL OH MY!

This purple Fendi heel with this fur DVF bag was a hit!

Test shoot for a model: