Sunday, February 27, 2011

Patterson Family Vacation


Since getting engaged in February of 2008 our lives have been hurricane of activity. We got married, remodeled 2 houses, Luke got his MBA, Luke began working at a new company and we had baby Luke. There hasn't been much time for vacation. But finally after 2 and a half long years we took a much needed break! Park City, Utah, here we come!

When Luke's college friend Gary called and said he found a great deal on a condo in Park City we couldn't say yes fast enough. Gary and his wife Christine have a little boy, Graydon, who is 8 months old. This just seemed like the perfect situation for us.

"Where's the snow Mama?"
Luke II in baggage claim at the Salt Lake City airport.

 My my, how times have changed. These college buddies are now having dinner in a trendy restaurant at 5:30 PM while feeding babies.

Christine, Graydon, Luke II and I.

 Luke II and Graydon becoming buddies.

 Luke II got lots of daddy time this week.

 Luke II hated getting bundled up. This was the pouty face he made every time.

 Mama and Luke II in the snow.

 Snow angel???

Family photo.

 He hates it but mama makes him take a picture in the snow anyways. It's for her "oh so important"       profile pic.

As it turns out, Luke II is a snow narcoleptic. Every time he went out in the snow it was so traumatic for him  he would instantly fall asleep.

Main Street

Fun with the camera.

 We had lots of play time.

 Where did he learn this???

 Sweet baby Graydon!

 Luke II and Graydon on the last morning. So sweeeeet!

 Luke II was introduced to Big Bird and they really hit it off. Graydon left Big Bird as a gift to Luke II.
This is Luke II and Big Bird waiting to board the plane. Luke II's secret is that he is going to have  a massive dirty diaper right as they call us to board.

 Again, my how times have changed! Luke holding Big Bird.

We had a great trip. I had my Lukes all to myself for 8 days! I am some what of a home body so it's rare that I enjoy a trip so much that I am not ready to come home.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Goings On

We have had a busy month! Luke II is now 4 1/2 months old and I am seeing big changes. Last month I began taking Luke II to Gymboree class and Mother Goose Hour. It's nice to be able to get out of the house and do something that is fun for him. He loves to baby watch!
This month he also began eating cereal and vegetables. I wasn't sure how he would take to sitting in his high chair and eating with a spoon but he loved it.

I am also getting some good belly laughs out of him! It has taken me about a month to get it on camera because he is a little like Michigan J Frog. Once he sees the camera he stops performing.

I am definitely noticing how strong he is getting. Tummy time has paid off. He began turning himself over this month. He is trying really hard to sit on his own. He is pulling himself up in his high chair and also from a laying down position with our help.

Luke II has a big happy personality and we are enjoying every minute!