Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nesting at the Patterson's

I haven't really posted anything this summer but we have been busy! Luke and I have kicked it in to high gear at the house.We are trying to get to a good resting place on the house before our little guy gets here.

I will just hit some of the high lights of the summer.

Beautiful baby shower given by sweet friends

Opening gifts with Claudine and Katie


 My mom with old friends

 Jenny leaving us blessings 


Working on the house

 Choosing paint colors.

Working on the nursery

 Daddy hard at work.

Some major nesting

And me, washing his clothes, sheets and blankets. I will spare you the images of me rearranging the kitchen cabinets and the down and dirty cleaning.

And the almost finished product... 
I am lacking curtains, a rug and some decorative pieces but the furniture and bedding is ready. If he came tomorrow, his room is pretty comfortable!

His bag is packed and waiting to go to the hospital.

Now we wait...